Melbourne Sharpies

A rare 1974 insight to Sharpies in Melbourne. By Greg Macainsh. This was filmed at the Lobby Lloyd and Billy Thorpe concert at the Melbourne Showgrounds. This clip would have to be the best footage of Sharpie culture of its time. Thanks to Greg Macainshs forsight.

Skinheads in 1988

When the media try to do these 'what is a skinhead?' things.

This England - Vigan Casino

This England - Vigan Casino

Madness - Take It Or Leave It - 1981

The Nutty boys get in a ruck with a bunch of bovver skins after their 1st gig at the Acklam Hall 78.

Skins by Gavin Watson

Promo trailer for Gavin Watson's pictorial classic book, 'Skins'. Published by Independent Music Press, 2007

Mod documentary

Mod documentary

Mods and scooters

Mods and scooters from San Luis Obispo

Mods and Rockers

Mods and Rockers fight it out on Margate Beach
on the 21/05/1964

Mod riot

From 1964 beachside riots. Watch the grease get it!

Early skinhead influences in Britain

Skinheads, 2Tone and the early years of the culture
before it was partly funnelled over as a stance for
the National Front and modern Nazi movements

Skinheads in Carnaby Street and Around London

Skinheads in Carnaby Street and Around London

Original Skinheads -1969

S.O.U.L. - Sounds Of Underground London - clip with original
skinheads from the 60's.

Skinhead Moonstomp - Reggae 1970

Clip from the movie made by Horace Ove in 1970

Blind Justice - The Business

Good one again by the boys. Documentary with live music.

Two Tone Story

Clip from BBC documentary

Black Skinheads

Laurel Aitken talks about his life and music and how Traditional
Black and White skinheads used to get on and get down to the
serious job of dancing to the skinhead reggae beat till
morning come.

1970 - Rude Boys & Skins Arriving Reggae Concert Wembley 1970

Various lads and lasses arriving at the International
Reggae Festival, Wembley, 1970

World Of Skinhead

Channel Four TV Documentary
- Doug Aubrey's - World Of Skinhead (1995)

The Blitz

Some live stuff and an interview on the Tube Channel 4 UK TV

4 Skins

BBC documentary 1981!

Combat 84 fight clip

Taken from the BBC serie "40 minutes" that interviewd Combat 84.
Music is by The Last Resort

Skinhead hooligan

Interview with young skinhead

Skinhead firms at Stamford Bridge 1969

Original skins and suedeheads on the rampage at Chelsea
late 60`s, dubbed with john holt`s boss skinhead reggae -
gem "reggae from the ghetto"

Gavin Watson - Skinhead photograph

Gavin Watson talks about their skinhead pics from the 80's.

Punks & Skins Music (England 78-82)

Punks & Skins, in England, in the end of 70's,
beginning of the 80's, talking about their musical