Oi! The Meeting 2008

Bands 13.6.2008

Cockney Rejects (England)
Verloren Jungs (Germany)
Close Combat (Holland)
KrawallBrüder (Germany)
Gatans Lag (Schweden)
Vortex (Germany)
Bulldozer (Spanien)
Roughnecks (Germany)
Unantastbar (Südtirol)

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Ultimo Asalto - Mi Camino CD


1. Mi Camino
2. Esperanza
3. Al Fin
4. Traidor
5. Dias de Furia
6. Sucias Mentiras
7. Siente La Voz
8. Afligido
9. Definete
10. Outlaws till the End
11. Sin Remision




New Distrolist Here



The Cockney Rejects Live At the Astoria 2, (Mean Fiddler), CD/DVD packge will be released on the 18th February and audio on i-tunes and other digital suppliers on the 19th February. You can also pre-order yours now by buying below, The Album and DVD will be dispatched to you the week commencing the 9th February.

Track listing:

* 1) Intro
* 2) I'm not a fool
* 3) New Song
* 4) Fists of Fury
* 5) Flares and Slippers
* 6) Here they come again
* 7) Cockney Reject
* 8) West Side Boys
* 9) Alright Bruv
* 10) Unforgiven
* 11) War on the Terraces
* 12) Power & the Glory
* 13) Where the hell is Babylon
* 14) We can do Anything
* 15) Bad Man
* 16) Hate of the City
* 17) Police Car
* 18) On the streets again
* 19) Greatest Cockney Rip off
* 20) oi, oi, oi
* 21) The Rocker
* 22) Join the Rejects
* 23) Bubbles









01. Too Late
02. Did You Have A Nice Life Without Me?
03. Gotta Get Out
04. Spirit Of '76
05. So Many Things
06. Suicide Girls
07. Despite All This
08. Don't Stop
09. Will You
10. Time To Make Your Move
11. Last Orders
12. True To Yourself
13. Sussed
14. Better Than This

Available 3rd November 2007





Titel: Mr. Punch
Format: CD & LP - 180 Gramm Vinyl
Songs: Songs: 14
01. Intro
02. Mr.Punch
03. Big delusions of grandeur
04. I may be impolite
05. Solidarity
06. How long will we wait
07. You can?t just change without making a stand
08. Tired Joe
09. I´ll never understand
10. 12 o´clock
11. Execution-Song
12. Western Culture
13. We are the Rude Crew
14. Time machine to 1969
Best-Nr.: KOCD203/KOLP203
Release: 21.09.2007


Titel: King Of Kings
Format: CD/LP - 180 Gramm Vinyl
Songs: Songs: 14
01. Beat Of The Street
02. Wanna Know The Reason
03. One Day Will Come
04. Change The World
05. Dying For A Fag
06. Time Is Running Out
07. Evil Conduct – Punk & Proud
08. King Of Kings
09. All For One
10. Never Let You Down
11. Remember 81
12. Too Late
13. I Had Enough *
14. I Can’t Help It
Best-Nr.: KOCD205/KOLP205
Release: 19.10.2007


Titel: Old Favorites
Format: CD
Songs: Songs: 14
01. Straight Edge / MINOR THREAT
02. Wasted / CIRCLE JERKS
03. Skulls / MISFITS
04. I Don’t Care / BLACK FLAG
05. The Shah Sleeps In Lee Harvey’s Grave / Butthole Surfers
06. God Save The Queen / SEX PISTOLS
07. Beef Bologna / FEAR
08. Six Pack (to go) / HANK THOMSON & BLACK FLAG
09. Ha Ha Ha / FLIPPER
10. Imigrant Song / Pay To Cum / BAD BRAINS & LED ZEPPELIN
11. Love Me Like A Reptile / MOTORHEAD
12. Step On It / SLAPSHOT
13. It’s A Long Way Back / RAMONES
14. Let’s Lynch The Landlord / DEAD KENNEDYS
Best-Nr.: KOCD204
Release: 19.10.2007


Titel: S/T
Format: CD/LP - 180 Gramm Vinyl
Songs: Songs: 12
Best-Nr.: KOCD206/KOLP206
Release: 02.11.2007


New Komety album "Akcja v1" out

Starting today you can order the new Komety album (Polish language version) on the official Komety website www.komety.com (Merch section).
The album will be available in stores on Monday (24 of September)
The English language version of this album will be released on the 22 of October. Both language versions will be available on vinyl.
Best wishes,
Komety Management



Warriors hits stores in the USA November 6th on Nuclear Blast, but thanks to our Friends at Bridge Nine, you can order “FOR MY FAMILY.” RIGHT NOW This EP is a collaboration between Bridge Nine Records, Nuclear Blast & AF that gives you two brand new songs as well as “Break The Chains,” a song ONLY on this release. This is a one time, limited edition pressing so get it while it’s there.

We also have a new song & an awesome interview with Roger in the first edition of the Bridge Nine Podcast. If that wasn’t enough, you can also hear “Dead To Me,” the first song posted from both “For My Family” & “Warriors”You can get the podcast & subscribe through Itunes by clicking the link below.

Subscribe to the B9 Podcast with Feedburner

And check the tourdates for shows with Death Before Dishonor in the USA & in Europe on the Persistence Tour at BRIDGE NINE SHOWS


>> New Sham 69 CD is out! It´s great!

you gotta get the new sham 69 cd. its fucking great. just go to www.sosrecords.us and buy it. its thier best in years. they are currently on tour in the usa. dont miss them.



Klasse Kriminale "Strength & Unity"


01.Non E` Un Gioco
04.Demolition Dance
05.Klasse Kriminale
07.Sono Stanco
08. The March Of The Rude Boys & Rude Girls
09.Dove E` Finito Il Punk?
10. Skinhead
11.Redemption Song
12.Strength & Unity
13.Ace Boon Jamming
14.Rivedrete Ancora Gli Skinhead
15. Land Of Hope & Glory




>> Vollkontact

In Kürze erscheint unsere neue Platte "Es geht weiter"!



>> STOMPER 98 - LP/CD "Für die Ewigkeit!" is out now !!!!!!!!!!

OI! fellas,

our new record is out NOW !!!!! ON CD & VINYL (1000 press.ltd.edition)
If you wanna have it this week, write a mail to:


we have 2 new shirt designs ,too !!!!

So check out our website http://www.stomper98.de and join the STOMPER 98 I.S.P.-Crew!





The much awaited and anticipated album 'The Kings Of Street Punk' will be available at all good record stores, i-tunes and online suppliers such as Amazon from 2 October 2007.
You can pre-order this album direct from G&R London Now

The track listing is:
1)Cockney Rejects-21st Century Oi!
2)The Gonads-Alconaut
3)The 4- Skins-Glory Days
4)East End Badoes-The Way It's Gotta Be
5)The Business-Argentina
6)Rancid-Avenues And Alleyways
7)Trebek-Blind Crossing
8)The Masons-Goodnight England
9)Bad Manners-Return Of The Ugly
10)Red Alert-Here Comes The Sun
11)The High Priests Of Mong-England's Glory
12)Cockney Rejects-It's Up To You
13)The Postmen/Orgasm Guerillas-Oi! Along The Watchtower
14)The 4-Skins-Chaos 2007
15)The Gonads-Valhallaballoo
16)East End Badoes-1-2-3
17)The Postmen-Todgedump
18)The Cockney All Stars-Oi!Oi!Oi!


>> The JINX - New Video - LIQUID DINNER!!!!(Live at the Queens Arms Kings Lynn)


>> IndEx - King of the Jungle

The next mp3 is from ´83-84 and was uploaded by Milky the member of IndEx
Roddy = Roddy Moreno (Oppressed)

IndEx: King of the Jungle (Last Resort cover) + fight

The Story:
This was a gig we did in Cardiff 84-85 Playing were IndEx, Vicious Rumours, Section 5, Condemned 84 & The Business, not sure if the Oppressed played but at 3.59 you can hear someone calling Roddy Moreno's name out, Cardiff is the Oppressed's home town, can't remember if they played as well or if Roddy was just organising it?? I'm not too sure ?? We knew it was going to kick off because we had welsh skinheads throwing abuse in their native tongue at us just as soon as all the coaches had arrived earlier in the day!!! Important facts about this track is the info it gives out at the time, you hear me advertising a gig in which a load of well known bands all playing under the Oi! banner and all for just £3, secondly you can hear all the trouble kicking off when IndEx have to stop playing halfway through a Last Resort Classic with Skinheads fighting Skinheads which never seemed to change from when we 1st started gigging in the early 80's to when we finally packed it all in.

They were shouting "Can you smell the English Scum". Roddy was selling The Vicious Rumors album Anytime day or night and the Taffs who claimed to be anti English bought the lot......Vicious Rumors being an English band ? Roddy claimed at a later date the Soul Crew had caused it all but it was actually the Taffs trying to steal Busters sheep. The ag began at the bar and we defended ourselves.They objected to Busters Chelsea shirt but he just threw them all off him of him as they tried it with him.Then they had a go at Paul M who was Millwall and it all kicked off again then they saw the West Ham shirts and that was it.Benny got a hiding that night outside. Yet again it came down to football but they started it Milky sorry mate. Just as a side point. Only those that were involved in FV will understand. T28 and a few others will know what im talking about.ADRENALIN. At the end of the day just how much abuse can you take. I'm sure it was 87 though because im certain it was just a couple of weeks before the door knocks. I wernt a Skinhead at this time though. All history now.

BUT. Having said that im proud of what i am, im proud of what i was and Roddy M can kiss my fucking arse the Left wing cunt. And that night he came within a natts cock of having his face dropped off end of.


>> Original Skatalites member, Jah Jerry, is dead

Friday, August 17, 2007

Pioneer Jamaican musician, Jerome Hines, better known as 'Jah Jerry', died on Monday in hospital after a short illness. He was 80.



>> Foreign Legion writing a new album
Foreign legion fresh from the antifest are writing a new album which should be finished by the end of the year...JOLLY f.l said that the band are going to put out 2 cds a year from now on its about time we started bring out more stuff....the follow up to death valley should be out in jan 2008


>> Abrasive Wheels - New release
You can now get the new EP from interpunk.com it has 5 new tracks and another working of when the punx. plus bonus footage of the bands new video.

Available at



Es gibt eine Menge zu vermelden ! Die Arbeiten am neuen Album sind komplett abgeschlossen, die Aufnahmen sind gemixt und gemastert und warten nur noch darauf demnächst den Weg ins Presswerk zu finden ! Der Releasetermin ist für Ende August/ Anfang September angesetzt, wir halten euch dazu hier auf dem laufenden !

Die CD Version wird in einer limitierten Erstauflage als Digipack erhältlich sein. Exakt 2000 Stück wird es davon geben, danach wird die CD im handelsüblichen Jewel Case zu haben sein. Wir werden von dem Digipack für euch einen kleinen Teil auf Lager haben und starten von daher ab dem 01.August eine Vorbestellaktion. Ihr könnt euch also ab dann schon euer Digipack sichern, und wir liefern es sofort am selben Tag aus wenn die CD bei uns eintrifft. Den genauen Auslieferungstermin geben wir euch dann auf unserer Homepage www.toxpack.de bekannt sobald wir die Information zum Releasetermin haben. Also wenn Ihr die ersten sein wollt die das neue Album in den Händen halten wollen und dazu noch im edlen Digipack, nutzt ab dem 01. August die Vorbestellaktion auf www.toxpack.de !

Für die Vinylfetischisten unter euch gibt es ebenfalls gute Nachrichten. Die LP Version wird in Erstauflage 900 x auf edlen weißem Vinyl kommen und exakt 100 x auf schwarzen Vinyl das Licht der Welt erblicken. Wir werden ebenfalls davon welche für euch auf Lager haben und die Vorbestellaktion ab 01.August gilt dann natürlich auch für die Vinylversion.

Für die ungeduldigen unter euch haben wir gleich 2 Überraschungen parat. Zum einen gibt es ab sofort den ersten Song vom neuen Album auf unserer Myspace Seite zum hören. Wir haben für euch den Titel "Komm sags mir" dort online gestellt. Eine ziemlich rockige Nummer vom Album wie wir finden. In den nächsten Wochen werden wir den Song austauschen mit einer anderen Nummer vom Album. Und da wir nicht so sind, gibt es ebenfalls ab sofort auf unserer Myspace Seite das Video zu "Cultus Interruptus" feat. Köfte Mad Sin & Atze Troopers zu sehen. Dieser Song ist von der härteren Fraktion des Albums. Auf der kommenden CD Version wird dieses Video natürlich in wesentlich besserer Qualität enthalten sein.

Ab Ende dieser Woche startet der Kartenvorverkauf für die Record Release Party unserer neuen Scheibe, die wir am 07.09.07 im Kato Berlin feiern werden. Mit dabei werden an diesem Abend sein, die Trabireiter aus Erfurt und die Underdogz aus Neubrandenburg. Die Tickets kosten im Vorverkauf 8EUR.

Im folgendem Laden könnt Ihr euch eure Karten für diesen feinen Abend ab dem 20.Juli sichern :

Sub Depot
Scharnweberstrasse 13
10247 Berlin

Online Bestellung ab 20. Juli unter s-attack@gmx.de

Ansonsten werden wir uns ab jetzt vorläufig Konzert mäßig zurückziehen. Wir werden uns in unserem guten alten Proberaum verschanzen und ausgiebig das neue Set proben, das wir euch dann ab der Release Party um die Ohren knallen werden. Wir bedanken uns bei euch für den Support auf all den letzten Shows, auch wenn manchmal innerhalb von 3 Songs 3 Gitarren sich verabschieden so wie letzten Samstag geschehen in Leipzig. Aber das ist live und passiert. Wir freuen uns auf die Record Release Party im September um mit euch gemeinsam die Veröffentlichung des vierten Toxpack Albums zu feiern !


>> "Northern California Will Destroy You"

is definitely one of the best sounding comps to come out of the area in years and we're glad to be a part of it. It features 32 active Punk bands, none of which try to sound like another NOFX or AFI clone. All songs are of great quality and have been remastered for the CD. If you're at all interested in what's going on in the Punk scene here, then go to the Bomb Blast Records Myspace page to get yourself a copy.

1. Dekoiz--All The Same (2:49)
2. The Memphis Murder Men-- Devils Night In The U.S.A. (2:07)
3. Bullet 66--Live To Skate (1:36)
4. Sad Boy Sinister--Marilu (2:06)
5. Call to Arms--Criminal Mind (3:06)
6. La Plebe--Que Barbaridad (1:47)
7. Resilience--We Are The Ones (2:50)
8. Tommy Gun & the Bullets--Where You Been (1:10)
9. Overdrive A.D.--Do Whatever You Want (1:53)
10. Static Thought --Ignorance Of The Youth—(2:51)
11. Nuts & Bolts--Destiny (3:01)
12. Tried And True--You’re Through (2:36)
13. Psycho 78-- Rebel Rock Renegades (2:10)
14. Trouble Maker—Poser (1:35)
15. Retching Red--Lying Sacks Of Shit (1:36)
16. The Lincolns--Commit A Felony (1:25)
17. The Sore Thumbs--Heartbreaks & Razorblades (2:47)
18. Oppressed Logic--No Pride (1:38)
19. The Sick--Holy War (2:56)
20. Snag--Spam From The Can (1:08)
21. Texas Thieves--Today (1:53)
22. THE Hated S.G.--A Perfect Church (2:50)
23. Fang--Burn It Down (2:10)
24. Fracas--Hurt On The World (2:50)
25. Scrawnies—Yourself (1:59)
26. The Highway Murderers--Bloodhammer (2:10)
27. 2nd Class Citizens--King For A Day (2:46)
28. United Defiance--Better Off Drunk (2:32)
29. Gutwrench--Official Deception (2:22)
30. P.M.R.C.--Tear Down The Walls (3:01)
31. No Hope--Victim Of Society (1:24)
32. Verbal Abuse--My Disease (3:04)

>> Thanx for suppport STOMPER 98 !

In september we release our new record "Fuer die Ewigkiet" on DSS Records !

Hope to see you at one of our shows this year!

Keep the faith & Oi! alive


>> Agnostic Front

Latest news! Agnostic Front to start recording their new CD entitled "Warriors" on June 20th! Agnostic Front will team up with producer Freddy Cricien, (Madball, Hazen Street). Zeuss from Planet-Z will be engineering!!! Freddy Cricien needs no intro here. He was born and bred into the NYHC scene by his oldest brother Roger Miret, yes AF's singer! The two brothers will collaborate NYHC magic in "Warriors"! The outcome, NYHC anthems! 15 tracks are ready for polishing in the studio, and will be at your record store this Fall, thanks to Nuclear Blast!



>> Dirty Devil Apparel! AVAILABLE NOW!!!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Hey all! Check out the NEW DIRTY DEVIL merchandise launch!!! We are offering select pieces now available on line at Merch.com !!! Also visit www.DirtyDevilApparel.com for all merchandise available at stores near you! If the stores don't have them, demand them!!! thank you from the staff at Dirty Devil.

"From the stage to the streets never has one man stood so strong by his convictions. At the beginnings of the New York Hardcore scene, he was there. As the lead vocalist of the legendary Agnostic Front, Roger Miret not only lived it, he wrote the pages of the book that would set the standard for all those who followed. 25 years later not only is he still at it, but Roger is reinventing the street punk sound with his new band The Disasters.

As the founder of The Rumblers Car Club, Roger Miret is just as much a part of the American Hot Rod scene as the cars themselves. With the release of his DIRTY DEVIL FULL KUSTOM APPAREL we get to see first hand his unique vision of Hardcore hot rods and kustoms. This is not a line for those on the outside looking in. This is for those who live it."


>> First DERKOVBOIS gig in Ireland


June 2nd 2007 Sarsfileds Bar, Chord Road. Drogheda, Co. Louth.

Paranoid Visions
Easpa Measa
Runnin Riot

plus more TBC.

admission €10, consessions €8 (its for a good 'cause!!!)

Doors 7pm first band 7.30pm sharp.
info: http://www.myspace.com/pinsnskins


>> Streetpunks in Jakarta

One of the member of Indonesian band called Anti Squad (Their stuff was released 2-3 years ago on Bords de Seine) was making some great photos. You can see it here. http://www.enterworldpressphoto.nl/gal_1.php?hilow=


>> Woohoo All Grown Up the Movie!!!

Hey guys! Just dropping a line to see how all of you are doing and wish you a happy summer! It's starting to get pretty hot here on the east coast of the US and it's looking like summer is coming a little earlier than it did last year :).

Hope all of you are doing well!

Also, could you please repost our profile on your bulletin for your friends to see?? Thank you so much to everyone for helping me spread the word - I wouldn't be able to do anything without each and every one of you!

Please please pleaaaase repost the link!! Thanks a million!!




>> Short video from Europe

Previous band of Gabi Hun from Sledgeback called C.A.F.B. (1990-1999) and he wrote this song in 1990. It´s called BRFK = Budapest Police Dept. Free translation of the song: "Fuck you BRFK". Now almost 20yrs later you can hear a live version of it in next video. The footage of this short "film" is from the Budapest Riots 2006. Song originally written by: Gabi Hun Sledgeback 1990 for C.A.F.B., released 1993 by Trottel Records, Europe. This song is played/covered by several bands in the Central Europe.


>> Anti hippie fanzine.2 is out

If you are intrested to get a copy feel free to contact Tim here http://www.myspace.com/oibootboy
Cost 2 euros plus postage. Second issue includes Bovver Boys, Ska in Estonia, Steve Goodman and plentty plentty more....


>> SKA Collection vol.2

The new V/A was released in May 2007. Cenzura has there one of their SKA songs, called Sen (Dream). You could listen this song here http://www.myspace.com/cenzura
You could buy the compilation from Brutal Records (www.brutalrecords.wz.cz) or email: brutalrecords.roman@gmail.com

V/A SKA Collection vol.2 was released by Musica, s.r.o. (www.musica.sk)


>> Here are some amateur videos of greek hooligans with songs of BootStroke...enjoy!!!




Thats all i could find...cheers to all the guys that made it!!!

Hooligans remember the enemy is common A.C.A.B


>> Rebellion Rec. News

Sydney based 5 piece band, The Corps, play original hard-edged rock and roll. From the influences of bands like Motörhead, Rose Tattoo, and Condemned 84 comes an Oi! sound, yet heavier and laced with slide-guitar. It is in an Aussie tradition of no-bullshit rock and roll that they have created a growing cult following both locally and abroad. After two sold out ep´s Rebellion Records is proud to present you the debut album of THE CORPS!

Hungarian frontman Gabi Hun did not speak a word of English when he arrived in America less than five years ago. Since they formed in February 2004, SLEDGEBACK has emerged with a very powerful sound, with influences including but not limited to Social Distortion, Pennywise, Rancid and Therapy. Lyrics include life experiences influenced by the European frontman's unique ideals, with which anyone can easily relate. Seattle punk-rockers Sledgeback put a refreshing spin on an old theme with their sound, powerfully combining the catchy hooks of West Coast pop-punk with the raw angst of true old-school. With his raspy Hungarian snarl, frontman Gabor Hun brings his honest social ideals to melody with Ness-like charm.


>> Dear all,

After almost 12 years the "Nordisc" chapter is closed. Main reason for closing down the label is simply the fact that I feel "it's enough".

After the Kampfzone CD release in March 2006 (which sold over 1100 copies in a short period of time) I was looking for a follow-up CD release, but I didn't find one suitable; next to that I also noticed that the inspiration from my part was increasingly lacking. So I decided it's better to stop now, instead of continuing without the (needed) inspiration.

Nordisc started sept. 1995 as a mailorder service and from oct. 1997 on, Nordisc became a recordlabel as well. For a short period of time, there was also a "sublabel" active, called Sick Mind Records. The last years (2001 and further) only Nordisc was active (as a recordlabel only).


nordisc 001 - Titkolt Ellenallas (Hungary): A hatalom emberei CD (sold out)
nordisc 002 - V/A (international): We will never die Vol. 1 CD (sold out)
nordisc 003 - Urban Soldiers (Netherlands): Urban soldiers CD
nordisc 004 - V/A (international): We will never die Vol. 2 CD
nordisc 005 - Marching On (USA): Shores of Vinland MCD
nordisc 006 - D.A. (Brazil): Musicas para a familia CD
nordisc 007 - the Gits (Poland): East side stories CD
nordisc 008 - Šaht (Serbia): Gospoda drugovi CD
nordisc 009 - Antagon (Netherlands): Punished 4 honesty CD
nordisc 010 - Offside (Netherlands): The kick-off CD (sold out)
nordisc 011 - the Gits (Poland): Gits & guts CD
nordisc 012 - Section 5 (England): Hard life CD
nordisc 013 - Potres (Serbia): El grande CD
nordisc 014 - Kampfzone (Germany): Bastarde CD
nordisc 015 - After The Fire (Netherlands): Aggression 7" EP


sick mind 001 - Potres (Serbia): Treca smena CD (sold out)
sick mind 002 - V/A (international): Never say die Vol. 1 CD
sick mind 003 - V/A (international): Never say die Vol. 2 CD

Some good releases, some not that good ones too... :)

Anyway it was great fun to do the mailorder/label (most of the time), thanks to you out there!!


Robert / Nordisc Rec.

PS: The Nordisc mailing adress (nordisc_records@hotmail.com) will stay around for the time being.


>> A statment Fatty have writen and been sendt to the promoters in Hungary....

Hello there Hungarians and fans thruout the world. As always when Haggis is on the loose, people of lesser inteligense, start to bitch and moan! Fear not, fans of ultra tight and angry punkrock! Haggis will never conform to the standards of boring and poiltically correct bands, movements or other stupid minorities. Haggis is all about having fun and hating your fellow neighbour. Haggis plays for everybody , no matter how stupid they might look or act, we hate everyone equally and that's why we can never be labeled a nazi, racist, communist, gay or well-read band for that matter. We pride ourselves in telling no truth whatsoever, play ultratight, fiercefull Oi!-Core with a big fucking sense of humor. If you don't like it, tough shit:HAGGIS IS COMMING TO HUNGARY!

ps: Funny that Los Fastidios let's me book them for 3 shows in Norway, sleeps in my house and then refuses to play along side us!!?? But who the fuck cares, Haggis eats those spagetti-eating-mongloids for breaksfast any day:)

>> Oi! - Fuck You! - British Oi! Compilation Out Now
A new cd featuring 15 unreleased tracks by 15 of the best British Oi bands
Condemned 84 Tattooed Mother Fuckers Superyob Scum Retaliator Loyalty The Gonads On File Code 1 Fatal Impact Splodgenessabounds Vicious Rumours Overload Nobodies Heroes Churchill
Go to www.ascalon-records.com to purchase!

>> LOS FASTIDIOS have cancelled their show in the Punk Rock Riot festival in Hungary announced on the 23th of june seeing at the same festival is announced a band really close to the right wing side, with homophobic and anti gay lirycs. Los Fastidios boycot bands like these and so we will not play on that stage. SUPPORT YOUR SCENE, LET'S FIGHT ALL THE DISCRIMINATIONS!! LOS FASTIDIOS


>> to all DISDAINFUL friends:

New songs with lyrics, new pics and the gigs section updated! see you in Menfis!


Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket



We've just posted 6 new T-Shirt designs that are now on sale on our website WWW.ENGLANDBELONGS.COM Take a look and let us know what you think!

This month we are also in the process of getting traditional men and women's polo shirts made that will be on sale by this Summer
as well as an assortment of braces. We will have more t-shirts up in the next month.

Keep an eye our for the new design updates both here and at WWW.ENGLANDBELONGS.COM

we're looking forward to hearing from you!


>> ABRASIVE WHEELS - Big thanx

Well what can we say but a big thanx for the support we have had from you guys, and askin for us to tour all over. we are at this time working our asses off writing this new fuckin album, and when we have finished it we will tour we promice. until then please be be paitent, we do love ya and its nice to here from ya so don't stop.

Love the Wheels



>> THIS IS ENGLAND Soundtrack

Official This is England soundtrack released today. It's pretty wicked. Check out the samples from our official site www.thisisenglandmovie.co.uk (under music). Available from all good shops and if you click on the icon (on the website), you can buy it from Amazon.

Happy Listening


>> VENDETTA - tour dates

4.26.07 Hamburg | Germany
4.28.07 Stavanger | Norway
4.30.07 Trollhattan | Sweden
5.02.07 Goteborg | Sweden
5.03.07 Berlin | Germany
5.04.07 C. Budejovice | Czech Republic
5.05.07 Strakonice | Czech Republic
6.01.07 Zurich | Swiss
6.23.07 Mestre | Italy



We just had a chat with Steve from Indecent Exposure who is hoping to do a special guest appearance at concrete jungle. The original classic London Oi band from East London have been busy in the reheasal studio to try and make it the first live show in 20 years. We hope they get it together in time, and can join the line up. Cheers to them and to all you people making the move to the show. This is going to be the greatest punk show in the south of England for many years. We have breaking young bands right up to the old time classics, with people joining us from every corner of the globe, to really enjoy the music and scene we all love. Tickets are selling well. And we have a very wide variety of all genres of 30 years of punk rock from all over the globe. Its a great thing that the old oi message of 'united is the thing to be' punk the herbert, straight and skin, all together come on in, has finally really come true.

We are strictly non political and are here to party and have a great time by the nicest beach in the south of England. If this weather holds its going to be a scorcher.


>> Voice Of The Streets Fanzine

Apr 15, 2007 2:10 AM
New Podcast Episode


I just uploaded a new Vots Podcast Episode at http://vots.podomatic.com/
nothing special but about half an hour of good music, next time it will be more I promise ;-)

Rude & Visser – When Feelings Run to High
Skoidats – breckenridge
Roimungstrupp – defender of light
Towerblocks – crash cab driver
Vindicator – Dressed to kill
Strong Island Boot Boys – pitbull breed
Fed Up! – last straw
Fear City – skinhead drama
Templars – those who build this country (käsesemmel edition)



>> Apr 14, 2007 10:14 AM
Body: Only the bassist, Dee Dee Amin alias Haakon

Due to Dee Dee Amin's latest conviction, the American embassy decided not to give Mr.Amin a visum to enter the states. Luckily this has no efect on the forthcoming tour in May. Ggggeir from Brawl and Case of Pride, fills in te gap. Dee Dee Amin says:"In America, attacking a guy with a bottle, is considdered a serious assault. Here in Norway it's called an argument!"



Wir haben ein neues Shirt auf Lager! Mit großem Brustdruck, gezeichnet von Orlando. Das ganze in schwarz und limitierte Auflage! Dieses Shirtmotiv wird es exakt nur 100 mal geben!!! Also sichert euch eins bevor die Shirts vergriffen sind!! Voraussichtlich im Juni wird es ebenfalls 2 neue Shirtmotive geben, weshalb wir in der nächsten Zeit die alten Motive zum vergünstigtem Preis raushauen werden. Mehr dazu demnächst.
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Ansonsten stecken wir wie schon bereits erwähnt in den Vorbereitungen zum neuen Album. Am 18. Mai fallen wir in die Katakomben von Harris Johns ein um unser viertes Album zu produzieren, aus dem wir euch dann regelmäßig mit dem aktuellen Stand der Dinge unterrichten werden. Erscheinen wird das gute Stück dann im August 07 auf DSS Records / Randale Records und dessen Release wird gebührend am 01.09.07 im Berliner Kato gefeiert werden, zusammen mit unseren Freunden von Trabireiter und den Underdogz aus Neubrandenburg.

Bitte beachtet auch unsere nächsten anstehenden Shows, nach jahrelanger Abstinenz werden wir München mal wieder einen Besuch abstatten am 4.5 im Orangehouse (Feierwerk) und am 5.5 werden wir zum ersten Mal in Ulm ein Gastspiel haben, das ganze in der Beteigeuze. Beide Shows zusammen mit Payback (Rom) und Close Quarters Battle (Berlin) + Support.

Am 01.06.07 wird es uns nach unserem Studioaufenthalt ebenfalls zum ersten Mal nach Paderborn verschlagen, um auf der Aufwärmübung zum großen OFT Festival im September zu spielen. Das ganze findet im Apollo statt.

"OFT *Die Originale* Apollo Paderborn

01. Juni 07: Toxpack + Berliner Weisse & Könige für einen Tag + Support
02. Juni 07: Verlorene Jungs & Freiwild & Engel in Zivil + Support

Info´s & Tickets http://www.o-f-t.de
Am 02.06.07 geht die Reise dann weiter nach Torgau zum 2. Total-Oi! Festival. Infos und Tickets zum Festival gibt es auf www.total-oi.com.

Alles Gute, TP/Berlin


>> Hi Folks,

We are issuing the brand new issue from "Une vie pour rien?" (#7). Still proffessionaly printed in French AND English with long interviews from:
Benoit (Camera Silens, mythic 80's French oi! band), Bombardiers (Bordeaux, streetpunk), Toro Bravo (oi!, Lithuania), Steno (Nabat/ oi! legend Italy), Zona A (punk 77, Slovakia), Böiler (oi!, Hungary), Steeve Goodman (skinhead writter), Voice of Boys (oi! Belarus).
It comes with a 7" with unreleased tracks from The Rudes (Tours), The Daltonz (Normandie), Böiler (Hungary) et Gonna Get yours (Paris).
64 pages, A4.
7 euros post paid (zine + EP). 4 and more: 5 euros pp.

We are also issuing a new vinyl with the label "uvpr vinyles"
-UVPRV VI: HardxTimes "We take shit from no one" LP

All the songs from this parisian band with unique sound beetween oi! and hardcore. Posthumously 11 tracks LP with gatefold cover.


15 euros post paid. 5 and more: 8 euros pp.

Paypal is possible to benjamos@free.fr (add 1 euro)

You can listen to our prods on our website or our brand new myspace:



We have also other french prods for distro prices, just ask us for a list if we don't join you it.




>> Street Voice UK Music Magazine News

PO BOX 410

EMAIL For All Enquiries.

Hello All,

Hope is all OK with you all?

Many artists, bands and labels may or may not be aware of Street Voice. Currently we write reviews, interview and promote bands, labels etc. As well as doing that we put out an E-Zine every two months.

People we've work(ed) with include The Alarm, Angelic Upstarts, Angie Bowie, Bad Religion, The Beautiful South, Bif Naked, Blitz, Broadzilla, Deadline, Fabulous Disaster, The Flairs, Flogging Molly, The Hedrons, Honey Bane, Joan Jett, Juliette And The Licks, Pama International, Roger Miret And The Disasters, The Slackers, The Tossers, The Toy Dolls and Vice Squad.

Labels we've work(ed) with include Alive, Bomp, Cherry Red, Do The Dog, Epitaph, Hellcat, House Hold Name, Trojan, Vagrant and Victory.

PR Agencies we've work(ed) with include Divsion, Hero, Gold Star and Quite Great.

Most of the previous work can be found at:

2004 - 2006 Reviews

2004 - 2006 Interviews

All 2007 related Interviews and Reviews can be found HERE

Some facts about Street Voice

* Being doing PR work for bands since 1982.

* The Newsletter/Bulletins etc go out to over 60000 people world wide.

* This is a Non Profit project - We work on the D.I.Y. ethic.

* Most of our work comes through recommendations.

* We will work with any band no matter how large or small they are.

If you're interested in working with us please send a Press Pack to the above address.

Please Note: We do not review MP3's. This is due to the fact that they fill up email boxes too quickly and we like to see a finished product that a band or label is selling. Past experiences have seen people be left out of pocket by bands and labels pushing products that did not exist.

If you wish to ask any more questions please contact me through the address at the top of page. Thank you.

Rock On!

Steve DIY


>> Oi - fuck you !", an all British Oi! compilation is due out soon on
the new Ascalon label. Loads of Britain's current bands will be
featured, 15 tracks by 15 bands: Condemned 84, Tattooed Mother
Fuckers, Superyob, Scum, Retaliator, Loyalty, The Gonads, On File,
Code 1, Fatal Impact, Splodgenessabounds, Vicious Rumours, Overload,
Nobodies Heroes and Churchill.

>> The new RETALIATOR concept CD "Beyond the cold light of day" has
been pressed, just waiting for the artwork to be printed and
hopefully it will be out within the next 6 weeks. There is also vinyl
edition planned for later in the year. Retaliator also have a new band
member, Steve on rhythm guitar, bringing the band back to 5 members.
Despite what you may read elsewhere Retaliator will NOT now be
appearing at the Concrete Jungle festival April 20th - 22nd. Sorry to
those that were hoping to see them there, but they have got plenty of
gigs pencilled in for this year: Germany, France, Belgium etc... so
you should be able to catch us someplace near you soon! Any gig
bookings please contact leebrett65@aol.com

>> Websites worth checking out:

- http://www.myspace.com/indecentexposuretheoiband
(official band MySpace site, run by the old singer Steve. drop them a line!)

- http://www.totalrock.com/podcast/GarryBushell-01.mp3
(Gary Bushell's podcast, lots of bla bla and music, well worth downloading.
1 or 2 has a new Cockney Rejects and new 4_skins song, with Gary
Hodges on vocal, no less!!!!

- http://www.totalrock.com/podcast/GarryBushell-02.mp3

>> THE WARRIORS are active again, check it on myspace...

>> 90's English skinhead band PRESSURE 28 is back in business. They are
in the process of writing songs for a new CD to come out in the summer
sometime, get cracking with a few gigs then to promote it. Pressure 28
can be contacted through MySpace (http://www.myspace.com/pressure28oi)
or email pressure28oi@yahoo.co.uk

>> New York hardcore skinhead band FED UP! has a new 7" EP "Lashing
out", a limited edition of 500 copies on clear vinyl. Available
through http://www.angelfire.com/indie/unitedriotrecords


>> The new CD "BEYOND THE COLD LIGHT OF DAY" has been pressed, just waiting for the artwork to be printed and hopefully it will be out within the next 6 weeks. There is also vinyl edition planned for later in the year.
Retaliator have recorded a track for the forthcoming compilation "Oi! F**K YOU!". other bands on the album include Condemned 84, Superyob, Loyalty, Code 1, Overload, Fatal Impact, Vicious Rumours, Scum, On File and loads more. All tracks are exclusive to this release and it will be released on new British Oi label "Ascalon". oi@ascalon-records.com for further info.



Website updated:

NEW ! :
CB 72 SHAVED DOGS s/t 10" 9eur
7t oi! from Valencia (Spain), pure skinhead music! (one cover of Evil Skins)
CUT 11 SNIX ces annees-la ! CD 12eur
22t one of the best French oi! bands ever! The complete recordings remastered (from the 80's):
Coeur de Lion MLP, Quand le Soleil se Levera LP, tracks from comp. & split ep with Tolbiac's Toads + 5 new bonus songs (demo and live)
BC 01 BOMBARDIERS Bordeaux 83 ! CD 8eur
7t from the best French current streetpunk band (1st Mini-album from 2005). Singalong and powerful, with excellent vocals ! A must have!
BC 02 BOMBARDIERS souviens-toi ! CD Digipack (booklet poster) 13eur
16t, their full new album, absolutely brillant music! Think Camera Silens and Komintern Sect! BUY OR DIE !!

CB 71 RETALIATOR 10th anniversary 10" 10eur
6t The Skinhead band from UK! (400 copies)
CB 70 RESISTANCE 77 true punk & oi! will never die EP 4eur
4t The Streetpunk band from UK!
CUT 10 THE VEROS just do it with style! LP Gatefold cover 10eur
14t 2nd and great album from the very popular melodic French band (singing in english) (covers of The Strike, Skrewdriver...)
CA 04 CORTEGE Paris brule! CD 8eur
8t rock'n'oi! from Paris (includes one professionally made videoclip)
T-SHIRTS : HAIRCUT, THE VEROS (12eur) and BORDS DE SEINE 10eur (Girly, S, M, L or XL)

Nico BDS

BDSrds@aol.com (or bordsdeseine@hotmail.com)

Let me know what you want by email to BDSrds@aol.com and I will get back to you with a total and different shipping methods and will then work everything out (example of postage, packet of 2 kg (8 Lps or 25 Eps) = 8eur for Europe)

Payments must be in EURO either PayPal.com (use BDSrds@aol.com for the payee email), International Money Order, Transfer Bank or well concealed Cash by (registered) post.


>> Hello everybody,

La Brigada Flores Magon is now finally recording its new album,
recording sessions start on February 25, 2007.
We have been doing so many concerts during the three last years that
it took us more time than expected.
In order to cover the costs of the recording of our new album, that we
expect to come out in June 2007, we open a subscription.

For 10 years, la Brigada Flores Magon spreads its punk rock throughout
Europe, and even further, between support concerts and punk fiestas.
It is our turn to ask you to support us.

We are partisans of the DIY, and we ask you to help us in order to
cover the recording and manufacturing costs of this new album.
It will come out, as our two previous ones, on our own label, Machete Records.

When you support us, your also support our spirit of independance !
In order to thank you for your participation, you will receive our next
album as soon as it is printed, several weeks before its official
release in distribution !

A big tour is being organized for Autumn 2007, you can already contact
us if you are concert organizer : flores_magon@hotmail.com.

To participate:
If you live in France:
Send a cheque of 13 Euros (price of the CD + shipping costs) to:

Brigada Flores Magon
21 ter rue Voltaire
75011 Paris.

If you live in a different country, please send an
International Money Order of 15 Euros.

Do not forget to mention your name and address,

Thank you in advance,

Your friendly,

La Brigada Flores Magon


>> Sad news for BLITZ fans (repost from Fang)
Nidge, the founding member/guitarist of the classic U.K. band Blitz, was killed last night in Austin.

He was struck by a car while crossing the street. The band had just finished playing the club Emo's in Austin Texas. Anyone fortunate enough to see Blitz on this recent tour could tell that Nidge enjoyed playing Blitz songs so much.

The Punk Rock Community will miss him. My condolences are extended to his family and bandmates.

R.I.P. :(

>> "Cockney rejects are doing the final mix to the eagerly awaited new album. due for release in april the Rejects, jeff, mickey and the boys will be signing the new album, meeting and greeting at concrete jungle april 20-22nd.

check for details and hot off the press news on the new oi album from bushell, rejects and the original firm as we get it."


>> Surprise, surprise! Punk and Disorderly have decided to give into the pressure from the politicaly-correct-nazi-mob of mongoloid germans, and canceled Haggis forthcomming show at the Punk and Disorderly festival in Berlin come March this year. We are not surprised by this decission, merly anoyed and bored. Fuck the pc-crowd once and for all, Haggis will NEVER confirm to their boring and facist rules! On the bright side, Haggis WILL play at Menfis on the 3rd of March, so if you happen to be german but are blessed by a non-german way of thinking, you should show up and show your support, have a great time, behave very politicaly incorrect, grab ass and get drunk! Picture: Fatty hanging out with some neo-nazi's after playing at the annual Hammerskins Festival in China. After the show, Haggis with some yellow friends killed and raped fifty niggers and groupfingered a female midget wearing a traditional muslim suit!


>> Haggis rider

Fee:400$ + 50% of door after break even (Europe 400 euro)

A decent place to sleep for 6 persons (Not needed when touring with nightliner)
A good hot meal for 6 persons (No veggie shite!) + beverages or buy out =15$ or 15euro pr person
3 Crates of good beer (minimum of 4.5% alc) Glass bottles and COLD!
1 bottle of really cheap and crappy red wine (minimum of 13% alc)
2 bottles of Bourbon (Jim Beam, Jack Daniels, Four Roses, Old Blacksmith etc)
6 litres of Coke in glass bottles, COLD!
1 crate of still water in glass bottles
4 big towels
2 packs of Marlboro or Lucky Strike
Plenty of ice cubes

..And a drunk midget taped to a 60's fridge (must be a working one!)



>> Evil Conduct boycot on dutch TV????
The Evil Conduct clip that was in tonight's original "Tattoos & Piercing" show, has NOT been broadcasted...... For one reason or the other, the item on Evil Conduct was cut out..... Obviously it is too controversial to broadcast a skinhead/oi band on prime-time on Dutch TV........


>> Date: Jan 7, 2007 3:36 PM
Subject Evil Conduct on dutch TV
Body: Oi,
For all of you who can receive Dutch satelite-channel VERONICA:

Tonight in 'TATTOOS & PIERCINGS' which starts at 1800h:
Evil Conduct performing their latest record NEVER LET YOU DOWN!
Clip recorded at KING OF KINGS TATTOO, including a short interview with Han!

Check it out!!!


>> If in Norway or you happen to be a mega fan or a porn collector, be sure to check out the latest edition of Aktuell Rapport featuring 4 pages of pure tittpacked-Haggis-Havoc!


>> Official statement by Haggis!

This message goes out to all of you cunts that have nothing better to do
than thinking and spreading the word that Haggis is a racist nazi-band.
Haggis have never been and will never be neither right-wing,neo-nazi,racist
or whatever the fuck some of you twats think or would like us to be.

Haggis have always been a traditional Skinhead band with all that comes with it.
If you for some reason like both Haggis and Hitler, thats your problem, not ours.
What our personal politic views might be, is none of anyones fucki'n buisiness and the sole
reason for anyone being interested in what we vote and not what Oasis's or Lynyard Skinyard
might think of politics, is the fact that we are Skinheads. How fucki'n clever of you!

Haggis hates everything equally, and thats why you lot are the narrowminded racists...not us!

Now fuck the fuck off and leave your poltic's at home!


p.s: This statement is oviously targeted a small percentage of our "friends", so if you don't feel that this regards you, then you're probably right:)


>> Band News: Sham69 - The Kids Are Divided

The Kids are no longer united!!!

Read two statments by Dave Parsons about the spilt with Jimmy Pursey. The first shown on the BBC web site, the second statement was in answer to Jimmy's reply.

1st statement

Sham69 have left Jimmy Pursey on the eve of they're 30th anniversary. The band had become increasingly fed up with Jimmys lack of interest in playing live and continually letting down both promoters and fans by pulling out of gigs at the last moment.
Original guitarist and co-songwriter Dave Parsons and Ian Whitewood, drummer with Sham for the last 20 years are continuing as Sham69. They have just recruted a new bass player and will shortly be auditioning singers. Dave said " it's good to finally have a bit of controll over our own destiny - being in Sham had become like working in a dictatorship". Former Bassist Mat Sargent is now playing with Honest John and will play no part in any line up of Sham69.

" There's quite a lot of tension between us at the moment, the last thing I want is to get vindictive or for us to end up in some kind of public slagging match. After all I've been in Sham for 30 years now, and some of the best times I've ever had have been with Jimmy.

For a while now Jimmys been toying with the idea of calling the band "Jimmy Pursey and Sham69" - well his now free to go and be Jimmy Pursey, the band is mine and I intend to get out there and for the first time in 20 years do some serious live work, something we could never do with Jimmy. I just hope he can let go, so we can all move on, I wish him all the best for the future."

2nd statement (basically answering what Jimmy said about statement No.1)

The end came in the dressing room after our gig at the Shepherds Bush Empire after Jimmy informed the band he was only paying us a tiny proportion of the gig money, and the £6000 gig money from our previous Palais gig he was paying us nothing - interesting considering he claims not to be interested in the money, and also that the Empire gig was an all day Punk event which he claims he doesn't do. If you check with the musicians union you'll find that he is blacklisted for not paying his musicians.

I would have liked nothing more than to have sat down with Jimmy and talked this over like adults, which I tried to do at the Empire gig, but unfortunately as soon as he hears something he doesn't like he starts screaming and shouting. That night he said "if I carried on, he would pay us nothing from the gig." It was also at this point that I informed him of my intentions to carry on playing without him.

Jimmy left the band the first time round to make a super group with Steve Jones and Paul Cook; they couldn't work with him saying, "he was more of a pain than Rotten." I meanwhile had recorded a new Sham single without him titled, "He who dares wins." Jimmy came back and changed the words to "Unite and Win." When we reformed the band in 1986 it was me who put the band back together bringing in musicians I had worked with in the previous couple of years.

Sham 69 is my life's work as a musician and songwriter and no matter what Jimmy says or does, we will be continuing as SHAM69.

Sham were supposed to play on the 'Hurry up England' track: the next thing the band knew was that he'd gone in the studio and recorded it without us knowing, using Graham Coxon's Band. (Jimmy claims that he never wanted to do that England track. We all know if he really hadn't want to do it he wouldn't have done). During this period a whole load of gigs were cancelled at the last moment leaving the band high and dry while Jimmy concentrated on being a star again.

Apart from these gigs, I could give you a list as long as your arm of gigs that he not only pulled out of at the last moment, but also took a large amount of money up front which went into his own pocket - just ask the fans who have been let down and all the angry promoters over the world from Japan to Scotland.